The Antenna Saver

What is it?

It's a one piece billet aluminum shield that protects antennas.

What does it do?

Protects antennas from vandalism on automated utility equipment with Scada Control.

Where is it made?

Designed and manufactured in America using American made materials, it is machined on American made machinery providing fit and finish quality unmatched in the utility industry.

Design features

  • 1pc billet aluminum construction
  • Water drain holes to prevent saturation
  • Mil spec Anodized finish
  • Simple drop thru design enables quick installation without modifications to cabinet or antennas
  • Integral O-ring water seal
  • Available for variety of industry standard antennas
  • Protect your grid automation from vandalism
  • Ensure operation of automated scada controlled equipment
  • Protects grid automation communication
  • Eliminates costly crew repairs and device malfunctions and delays in automated equipment utilization.
  • Does not affect radio signal performance

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